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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Youth Film Festival Call

Portland Youth Film Festival  is looking for New England based documentary or feature films
Deadline 03-20-2018

The Portland Youth Film Festival on University of Southern Maine's Portland campus is looking for Maine or New England based documentary or feature films for programming.

Since young children would be part of the audience, the documentaries or feature films would need to be suitable for the whole family.  There is some limited funding available to screen your documentary or feature film.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Maine Media Workshops Scholarships

Maine Media Workshops + College and Virginia Cabot Wellington Foundation offer media scholarship
Deadline 02-05-2018 and 03-01-2018

Maine Media Workshops + College has announced  new scholarships for emerging filmmakers. A scholarship grant from the Virginia Cabot Wellington Foundation and the Christopher Lehmann Memorial Scholarship serve as the newest scholarship contributions to the Rockport campus.

The largest portion of scholarship funds will be made available through the Virginia Cabot Wellington Foundation. Under the grant from the Virginia Cabot Wellington Foundation, Maine Media will offer $10,000 in scholarships to filmmakers attending the Certificate in Collaborative Filmmaking or Master of Fine Arts degree programs.



Monday, January 29, 2018

NEFA Expeditions Touring Grant

Expeditions Touring grants provide funding for presenting in New England
Deadline 02-20-2018

New England Foundation for the Arts touring grants provide funding for presenting high quality artists with innovative projects that exhibit strong collaboration between artists, presenters, and nonprofit organizations, and that creatively bring the arts to communities and under-served populations in New England.

To be eligible for Expeditions Touring Grant funding, applicants must:

Be a nonprofit organization, school, or government entity. (Nonprofit organizations do not have to be arts organizations. Organizations that do not have a federal tax identification number may apply if part of an official government agency.)
Be based in New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)
The federal government now requires that all NEFA organizational grant recipients supported by federal funds register for DUNS numbers. More specifics on the requirement will be included in all NEFA grant applications.
 Applicants must be able to provide, if requested, documentation of their compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Please visit our Increasing Access to the Arts page for details.
Expeditions Touring applicants may act as a lead partner or presenting partner in a maximum of five (5) tours. Each tour partner submits an individual application.

Expeditions will not fund:

Fundraising events or activities.
Organizations or activities occurring outside of the six-state New England region.
Events designed exclusively for students in school during class time.
Performances that are not open to the public and advertised accordingly.
If a project changes after funding has been awarded, the applicant must notify NEFA as soon as possible. NEFA does not guarantee funding if the project differs substantially from the original application. Requests for changes to a tour or tour planning grant will be considered on a case by case basis and may change the amount of the grant award.

More information at

NEFA Dance Fund

New England Dance Fund grants to New England-based choreographers
Deadline 02-09-2018

New England Dance Fund makes grants to New England-based choreographers of all genres and backgrounds to support critical opportunities that will advance their artistic careers.

NEFA will award small, catalytic grants of $500 to $1,000 directly to choreographers who identify and articulate a critical opportunity that will significantly advance their career in dance.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Open Meadows Foundation

Open Meadows Foundation Invites Applications for Women-Led Projects
Deadline 02-15-2018

The Open Meadows Foundation is a grantmaking organization seeking to fund projects that promote gender, racial, and/or economic justice.

Grants of up to $2,000 will be awarded for projects that are designed and implemented by women and girls; reflect the diversity of the community served by the project in both its leadership and organization; promote building community power; and have limited financial access or have encountered obstacles in their search for funding. Small and start-up organizations are strongly encouraged to apply.

To be eligible, projects must be led by and benefit women and girls, particularly those from vulnerable communities.

The foundation funds projects that do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity and expression, sexual identity and expression, age, or ability. In addition, the annual organizational budget should not exceed $150,000.

See the Open Meadows Foundation site for past grantees, application instructions, the proposal cover sheet, and key dates.


Artists in Their Studios Photo Project

Maine Craft Association Artists in Their Studios Photo Project - Call
Deadline 03-01-2018

Artists in Their Studios is a photography project to document Maine fine craft artists in the spaces where they create.  Subjects receive ten images for their unlimited use, the cost of the photographer and resulting photographs is paid for by the MCA. MCA members at the Emerging or Professional level are invited to apply to be selected for a photo shoot.

MCA Professional Members are invited to apply to Artists in Their Studios: a photography project documenting Maine craft artists throughout the state in the spaces where they create.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

NEA Art Works

National Endowment for the Arts Art Works grant for organizations 
Deadline 02-15-2018 (Submit SF-424 to Grants.gov)

The guiding principle of "Art Works" is at the center of everything we do at the NEA. "Art Works" refers to three things: the works of art themselves, the ways art works on audiences, and the fact that art is work for the artists and arts professionals who make up the field.

Art works by enhancing the value of individuals and communities, by connecting us to each other and to something greater than ourselves, and by empowering creativity and innovation in our society and economy. The arts exist for beauty itself, but they also are an inexhaustible source of meaning and inspiration.

The NEA recognizes these catalytic effects of excellent art, and the key role that arts and design organizations play in revitalizing them. To deepen and extend the arts' value, including their ability to foster new connections and to exemplify creativity and innovation, we welcome projects that:
Are likely to prove transformative with the potential for meaningful change, whether in the development or enhancement of new or existing art forms, new approaches to the creation or presentation of art, or new ways of engaging the public with art;
Are distinctive, offering fresh insights and new value for their fields and/or the public through unconventional solutions; and
Have the potential to be shared and/or emulated, or are likely to lead to other advances in the field.


Friday, January 26, 2018

Acadia Trad Festival Scholarship

Acadia Traditional Music Festival has scholarships available 
Deadline 01-31-2018

We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of need-based scholarships to theAcadia Trad Festival.

Scholarships pay for one half of the tuition fee only (lodging and food are not included). Scholarships are available to students at any age or level, but we ask that you apply based on need — the program is designed to offer financial assistance to students who would otherwise not be able to attend.

For those of you who do NOT need financial assistance, we ask that you please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Acadia Trad School Scholarship Fund. 100% of your gift will go directly to offset tuition expenses based on financial need, so these scholarships truly make a difference in these students' lives. Ours students thank you in advance!



New Jazz Works Grant

Chamber Music America - New Jazz Works Grant
Deadline 02-04-2018

New Jazz Works program supports the creation of new works by professional U.S.-based jazz artists and helps assure that these compositions will be heard through live performances and recordings.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Public Art Call - Sanford ME

Sanford High School seeks percent for art submissions
Deadline 02-19-2018

A call to Maine artists to submit proposals to design, create and install artwork at the Sanford High School in Sanford, Maine. The total project budget is approximately $45,500.

A Percent for Art selection committee of five members will jury submissions for the project. The committee will review the materials to determine whom to invite for a second round of evaluation. Existing artwork for direct purchase will not require a presentation at the second round but will be considered based on the artist’s initial proposal. Artists (commissions only, not direct purchases) selected for the second round will receive a $500.00 design fee for refining their proposals. Final proposals will include detailed models, drawings, renderings, samples of work and/or materials depending on the nature of the proposal. All finalists will present their final proposals to the committee in person. Please do not submit detailed models, drawings, samples, or final proposals for the first round of the selection process. All submitted materials will not be returned.

All professional artists who are Maine residents (pay state income taxes) may apply for consideration to this project. Artists who are employees of the Sanford Public School System are ineligible for Percent for Art projects at the location where they are employed, as are members of the selection committee and their immediate families. Students at any level are ineligible. The project is open to all artists age 18 and over, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical disabilities. Artist teams are eligible to apply, including teams of artists from multiple disciplines.

Applications are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic strength as shown through vision, originality, and understanding of craft (30 points).
  • Ability to translate artistic concepts into work that will activate or enhance the proposedspace (25 points).
  • Application is comprehensive in information and ideas are well communicated (20 points).
  • Ability to design work that is sensitive to social, environmental, historical, and/or other relevant contexts (15 points).
  • Capacity to complete the proposal on time and within budget (10 points).



SPACE Residency Call

SPACE open call: artist-in-residence for artists outside Maine
Deadline 01-28-2018

The SPACE residency program provides a unique working environment for emerging and mid-career artists seeking support for their practice. Visual artists, filmmakers/media artists, writers, sound artists, collaborative groups and curators who are not currently enrolled in an academic program and live outside of Maine are eligible to apply. A civically and socially engaged arts organization, SPACE strongly encourages artists who understand themselves as being outside the privilege of heteronormative, white-centric identity to apply. Preference will be given to artists whose practices engage with contemporary issues and socially relevant concepts.

Housed among thirty working artist studios and an independent print-shop, the SPACE residency program provides a unique working environment for emerging and mid-career artists seeking support for their practice. Visual artists, filmmakers/media artists, writers, sound artists, collaborative groups and curators who are not currently enrolled in an academic program and live outside of Maine are eligible to apply.

Please spread the word and bring your national creative networks to Maine.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Maine Arts Commission Organization Grants

Maine Arts Commission grants for 501c3 organizations are now available 
Deadline: March/Multiple 

The Maine Arts Commission awards grant funds as a way to develop the arts and culture infrastructure of Maine. This is just one tool the agency uses in its mission of “Building a broad support base for the arts by increasing local capacity for arts-making and arts presenting”.

Arts & Humanities
Max Individual Award: $1,000.00
The Arts & Humanities grant assists organizations in Maine interested in investigating and presenting stories and cultural expressions of the state, its communities, and its people.

Creative Communities = Economic Development (Phase I)
Max Individual Award: $10,000.00
This grant supports communities wishing to create an independent cultural development plan. A Cultural Plan required for the larger CC=ED Phase II grant.

Creative Aging
Max Individual Award: $1,000.00
The Creative Aging grant supports organizations in the development of high-quality, participatory arts programs for older adults. Funds are available to support teaching artists working with adults in a range of community settings including libraries, senior centers, arts organizations, and assisted- and independent-living centers.

Project Grant for Organizations
Max Individual Award: $5,000.00
The Project Grant for Organizations fund the production of high-quality creative activities, the creation of new work, and the continuation of successful arts programs. Projects can be in any artistic discipline and on any scale.

Partnership Grant
Max Individual Award: $15,000.00
This Partnership Grant provides operational support for Maine’s arts and cultural organizations.

Organizational Development
Max Individual Award: $5,000.00
The Organizational Development grant is designed to support capacity-building projects for arts organizations throughout Maine.

Arts Learning
Max Individual Award: $5,000.00
This program provides funding to support organizations that offer high-quality visual or performing arts education for PK-12 students and/or educators of this population.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1Beat Residency

1Beat international residency for musicians
Deadline 02-09-2018

OneBeat is cultivating a groundbreaking international network of leading artistic, technological, and social innovators in music. An initiative of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in collaboration with the groundbreaking New York-based music organization Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation, OneBeat employs collaborative original music as a potent new form of cultural diplomacy.

OneBeat brings musicians (ages 19-35) from around the world to the U.S. for one month each fall to collaboratively write, produce, and perform original music, and develop strategies for arts-based social engagement. OneBeat begins with an opening residency, when Fellows collaborate to create original material, record new musical ideas, and incubate their projects. OneBeat fellows then go on tour, performing for a wide array of American audiences, collaborating with local musicians, and leading workshops with youth. In a closing residency, each OneBeat musician sets out their plans for the future, developing projects in their home countries linked to a mutually-reinforcing network of music-driven social enterprises.


Spencer Foundation Education Projects Call

Spencer Foundation Invites Proposals for Education Research Projects
Deadline 02-01-2018

Established in 1962, the Spencer Foundation is dedicated to the belief that research is necessary to the improvement of education. To that end, the foundation supports high-quality investigations of education through its research programs and the strengthening and renewing of the educational research community through its fellowship and training programs and related activities.

Through its Small Research Grants Program, the foundation is accepting proposals for education research projects. In keeping with the foundation’s mission, the program aims to fund academic work that contributes to the improvement of education, broadly conceived. Examples of previously funded projects include an experimental study of how college students use visual representations in solving math problems; a study exploring the process of racial and rural identity formation among African-American high-school students who attend de facto segregated schools in the rural South; and a mixed-methods study focused on the different types of knowledge novice and experienced teachers draw on in teaching for reading comprehension

Grant amounts will range up to $50,000.

To be eligible, principal investigators and co-PIs must have an earned doctorate in an academic discipline or professional field, or appropriate experience in an education research-related profession. In addition, the PI must be affiliated with a college, university, school district, nonprofit research facility, or nonprofit cultural institution that is willing to serve as the fiscal agent if the grant is awarded.


Monday, January 22, 2018

National Dance Project Grant

National Dance Project - Productions Grant
Deadline 03-01-2018 (Webinar January 24)

National Dance Project Production Grants provide funds to approximately 20 artists/companies to create new dance works and touring subsidies to the U.S. organizations who bring that work to their communities.

Grants are awarded through a highly competitive two-stage application process.

Free webinar offered for choreographers and/or stage companies interested in apply for the 2018 NDP Production Grant on January 24, 2018 from 2-3PM (EST)


Fender Music Guitar Program

Fender Music Foundation Guitar Donations to Nonprofit Music Instruction Programs
Deadline Open 

Founded in 2005, the Fender Music Foundation awards instruments and equipment to eligible nonprofit music instruction programs. The donated items are lightly used, blemished, or otherwise imperfect and have been collected by the foundation from manufacturers and retailers.

The foundation currently is awarding acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, bass guitars, and the equipment necessary to play them. In addition, other traditional music instruments, including string instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments, and keyboards, are sometimes available. DJ equipment and computers are not available through the program.

The foundation awards instruments only to music instruction programs at public schools or operated by 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. To qualify as a music instruction program, participants in the program must be learning how to make music and the program must fit into one of the following categories: in-school music classes, in which the students make music; afterschool music programs that are not run by the school; community music programs that offer music instruction to community members; and music therapy programs in which the participants make the music.

Music appreciation or entertainment programs do not qualify, nor do programs featuring professional or career musicians as instructors.



Sunday, January 21, 2018

Creative AgingTraining

Maine Arts Commission is offering a Creative Aging Teaching Artist Training
Event time January 30 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location Theater at Monmouth - Melledy Hall

The Maine Arts Commission is offering a Creative Aging Teaching Artist Training . Come learn the components and intricacies of the Creative Aging philosophy, and apply to be listed on our agency's Creative Aging Teaching Roster. The training is mandatory for applying to the Creative Aging Teaching Artist Roster, a prerequisite for applying to the Arts Commission Creative Aging Grant program.


Henson Grants for Puppet Theater

Jim Henson Foundation Invites Grant Applications for Puppet Theater
Deadline: March 13, 2018  (Letters of Intent) 

The Jim Henson Foundation awards grants annually for the creation and development of innovative works of puppet theater.

1) Production grants of $7,000 will be awarded for the production of new works ready to be presented in 2018. Workshop grants of $3,000 are intended to support the development and work shopping of the pieces. Workshop grants and Production grants can be combined over a two-year period for the greatest benefit to the piece. However, a Production grant does not need to be proceeded by a Workshop grant and a Workshop grant in no way ensures a future Production grant.

2) Family Grants of $4,000 are intended to fund the development of new and innovative work specifically for children, families, and teenagers.

Grants are made only for the development of new works of live puppet theater. The foundation does not award funds for the presentation or remounting of existing work. Grants cannot be applied retroactively, and substantial portions of a proposed project must take place after the funds are awarded.

To be eligible, applicants must be considered tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Applications for international collaborations are accepted, but the primary artist and fiscal sponsor must be a U.S. citizen. Projects that will only take place outside the Unites States are not eligible for funding.



Saturday, January 20, 2018

Barbara Deming Fund

Barbara Deming Memorial Fund for feminists in the arts
Deadline 01-31-2018

The Barbara Deming Memorial Fund gives encouragement and grants to individual feminists in the arts, specifically writers and visual artists, in the United States and Canada. $25 application fee.

Grants of up $1,500 will be awarded to women poets, fiction and nonfiction writers, visual artists, and mixed-genre (illustration and text) artists whose work in some way focuses on women. Priority will be given to projects that have been initiated or are well under way and for which the artist has substantial work to show.

The fund does not support theater, playscripts, videos, or work that is or will be self-published. It also does not provide funds for editing services, business projects, or emergency situations for people in need.


R.I.S.E. High School Theater Grant

 R.I.S.E. (Recognizing and Inspiring Student Expression) High School Theater Grant
Deadline 02-06-2018

R.I.S.E. (Recognizing and Inspiring Student Expression) America will award 50 high schools a $10,000 grant to enable them to enhance or revitalize their theatre programs. The winning schools can use the grant money to cover various critical needs, including master classes and production expenses. Apply for the R.I.S.E. America grant by sharing how your theatre program could benefit from receiving $10,000. Every school is welcome to apply. Applications will be judged on a combination of compelling stories, financial need, and potential impact to the school theatre program.


Friday, January 19, 2018

Portland Fine Craft Show Call

Portland Fine Craft Show, call for artists 
Deadline 01-31-2018

The MCA will present the annual Portland Fine Craft Show in August on Congress Street in Portland, Maine. The show is free and open to the public, taking place between High St and State St.

The show features 100 juried exhibitors from the greater New England area exhibiting fine craft in the following media categories: baskets, ceramics, fiber, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, stone and wood as well as outreach booths exhibiting the work of international artists new to Maine and food trucks in Longfellow Square.


Art Studio For Rent In Gardiner

Day studio for artist at Artdogs is available (277 Water Street, Gardiner) 
Open until filled

The north facing second floor studio is in a building dedicated to the visual arts in the heart of the historic district of downtown Gardiner on the Cobbossee stream. The space has hardwood floors and original tin ceilings in this historic 4 story building. The building includes 5 artists’ day studios, one artist’s residence and a fine art press.The studio is 11' x 17' with 9' ceilings with access to a communal kitchen and tool closet.

Rent $225.00 per month with a minimum 6 month lease.

Call Karen 582-0834 for more information.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Aaron Copland Fund

Aaron Copland Fund for Music: Contemporary American Music Recording Projects
Deadline 02-15-2018

In keeping with his lifelong devotion to contemporary music, American composer Aaron Copland created the Aaron Copland Fund for Music and bequeathed to it a large part of his estate. Officially launched in 1992, the fund’s purpose is to encourage and improve public knowledge and appreciation of contemporary American music.

To advance this mission, the fund's Recording Program is designed to support projects that document and provide wider exposure for the music of contemporary American composers and/or develop audiences for contemporary American music through the distribution of recorded performances in physical and online media, as well as the production of new recordings of contemporary American music and the reissuance of significant recordings that are no longer available. Preference will be given to first recordings, although reissues of significant recordings are eligible if the music is not available from other sources such as ArkivMusic, Amazon, or other Internet services at the time of application. The fund is interested primarily in supporting recordings of works by living American composers and those who are recently deceased and favors works that were composed more recently.

In general, grants will not exceed $20,000.

Proposals may be submitted by nonprofit professional performance ensembles, presenting institutions, and nonprofit or commercial recording companies. Non-professionals and students are not eligible. Projects sponsored by universities and similar educational institutions are not eligible.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tides Institute Residence, Eastport

StudioWorks Artist-in-Residence Program at the Tides Institute & Museum of Art: call to visual artists
Deadline 02-01-2018

The StudioWorks Artist-in-Residence Program at the Tides Institute & Museum of Art (TIMA) offers residency opportunities to visual artists to deepen and develop their practice within a community setting. Our studios, museum and housing are located within the historic downtown and working waterfront of Eastport, Maine and overlook the U.S./Canada boundary. The StudioWorks building contains private studios, common work areas, and a ground floor printmaking and letterpress studio. The residency provides a unique experience for an artist to play an active role in our creative community. $25 application fee.




Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bates Dance Festival Internships

Bates Dance Festival call for interns
Deadline 01-31-2018

The Festival’s internship program offers qualified individuals an opportunity to work side-by-side with the Festival’s professional staff. Interns receive on-the-job training in technical production, video/media, arts administration or dance education, while gaining valuable contacts and in-depth knowledge of contemporary dance.

Housing, meals and complimentary tickets to performances are provided. Dance education, administration and video interns may register for up to two classes a day. Technical Production interns may register for one class a day and will receive a stipend (upon submission of receipts) to assist with travel.


Shakespeare in Communities Grant

Arts Midwest Invites Proposals for Shakespeare in American Communities Program
Deadline 02-08-2018 

Shakespeare in American Communities, a national theater program of the National Endowment for the Arts in cooperation with Arts Midwest, brings performances and educational activities to audiences across the country. The program reaches middle- and high-school students in underserved schools across the United States with high-quality, professional productions of Shakespeare's plays.

Applicants must be a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), U.S.-based theater company that compensates all professional performers and related or supporting professional personnel at no less than the prevailing minimum compensation; have produced Shakespeare or classically-based repertoire within the past five years; and have a minimum of three years' experience providing performances and educational activities to middle and/or high school audiences.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Alexia Foundation Grant

Alexia Foundation Invites Applications for Professional Photography Projects
Deadline 02-01-2018

The Alexia Foundation is accepting applications from individual photographers to its Professional Alexia Grant Program.

Through the program, one professional photographer or visual journalist will receive a $20,000 grant to produce a substantial body of work that shares the foundation’s goals of promoting world peace and cultural understanding. The foundation welcomes proposals for still photography and multimedia projects.

Photographers and visual journalists from any country may apply for this grant. Proposals for projects that have already received grants or awards of more than $1,000 in the previous calendar year are not eligible.

The program requires a $50 application fee. For complete guidelines and application instructions, see the Alexia Foundation website.


Harpo Foundation Native Fellowships

Harpo Foundation is accepting applications for Native American Artists Fellowships
Deadline 02-15-2018

The Chicago-based Harpo Foundation was established in 2006 to support artists who are under-recognized by the field. The foundation seeks to stimulate creative inquiry to encourage new modes of thinking about art.

The foundation is accepting applications for its Native American Fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center program, which supports the development of Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian visual artists and the potential for intercultural dialogue. Each year, the program awards two residency fellowships to Native American artists at the Vermont Studio Center, an historic artist colony located along the Gihon River in Johnson, Vermont, in the northern Green Mountains. Each fellow receives up to four weeks of residency, which includes room and board, a private studio, and a travel stipend.

To be eligible, Native American artists must demonstrate strong artistic ability, an evolving practice that is at a pivotal moment in its development, and a practice that engages dialogue between the artist’s indigenous world and the surrounding culture.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Save America's Treasures Grants

Save America's Treasures Grant
Deadline 02-21-2018

The Save America's Treasures program is funded through the Historic Preservation Fund using revenue from Outer Continental Shelf oil releases, not tax dollars, and requires dollar-for-dollar private matching funds.

The Federal Save America's Treasures grants program began in 1999 Logo for the Save America's Treasures program and helps preserve nationally significant historic properties and collections that convey our nation's rich heritage to future generations of Americans.

Grants Currently Available

The National Park Service (NPS) announces availability of $5 million in FY2017 Historic Preservation Fund grants for the Save America's Treasures (SAT) program. SAT grants provide preservation and/or conservation assistance to nationally significant historic properties and collections. Grants are awarded through a competitive process and require a dollar-for-dollar, non-Federal match, which can be cash or documented in-kind. The grants are administered by the National Park Service in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance number for these awards is 15.929.

The application for Save America's Treasures grants for collections is available on grants.gov under funding opportunity number P18AS00045.

Review official application instructions by reading the Notice of Funding Opportunity available under the link above by selecting the "Related Documents" tab

Download forms to be attached to application available under the link above by selecting the "Related Documents" tab

Complete online application and attach required forms available under the link above by selecting the "Package" tab

Application for Preservation Projects
The application for Save America's Treasures grants for preservation projects is available on grants.gov under funding opportunity number P18AS00044.

Who May Apply?

  • Nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c), U.S. organizations
  • Units of state or local government
  • Federally-recognized Indian Tribes, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiian Organizations, as defined by 54 USC § 300300
  • Educational institutions
  • Federal agencies funded by the Department of the Interior and Related Agencies with the exception of the National Park Service (NPS).
  • Grants will not be available for work on sites or collections owned by the NPS.
  • Other federal agencies collaborating with a nonprofit partner to preserve the historic properties or collections owned by the federal agency may submit applications through the nonprofit partner.
  • Historic properties and collections associated with active religious organizations


Classics for Kids Strings Program

Classics for Kids Accepting Applications From Music Programs
Deadline: 03-31-018 

The Classics for Kids Foundation believes that playing a stringed instrument can transform a child, giving them experiences and skills that can help make them more successful in life.

To that end, the foundation provides matching grants of up to $5,000  to schools or nonprofit organization to incorporate fine string instruments into their music programs.

To be eligible, public and private schools or nonprofit organizations must demonstrate need and a commitment to raising matching funds.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

TansCultural Exchange's International Conference

TansCultural Exchange's 2018 International Conference
Event Date February 22-24, 2018
Location-  Quebec City, Canada

Opportunities in the Arts: Exploring New Horizons Change your world. Expand your career. Tap into the unique international arts network that is TransCultural Exchange. Connect globally with artists, curators, residency directors, grant makers and international arts professionals.


Nikon Storytellers Scholarship

Nikon Opens Submissions for Storytellers Scholarship to Support Next Generation of Visual Content Creators
Deadline 03-01-2018 

Established by Nikon, Inc. as part of its hundredth anniversary celebration, the Nikon Storytellers Scholarship supports the next generation of visual content creators. Academic scholarships of $10,000 will be awarded to students to help foster their creative growth and encourage them to pursue a career in creative fields. Semi-finalists will be invited to submit a portfolio of images or brief video for consideration by a selection committee, which will then select the ten winning applicants.

The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students at accredited nonprofit colleges/universities or vocational/technical schools in the United States or Canada pursuing a degree in visual arts, fine arts, journalism, film, photography, or multimedia/content creation.


Friday, January 12, 2018

LEF Foundation Production Grant

LEF Foundation Invites LOIs for Film Production Grants
Deadline 01-26-2018  (Letters of Inquiry) 

The LEF Foundation is a private family foundation that funds creative endeavors in California and the New England region. LEF values strong aesthetics, entrepreneurial thinking, and a spirit of adventure in all the projects it supports.

To that end, the foundation, through its Production Grants program, is accepting Letters of Inquiry from New England-based film projects in the production phase of development. Grants of up to $15,000 may be used for shooting picture and sound, early stage editing, equipment costs, materials, travel, and staffing (creative, technical, or otherwise).

To be eligible, projects must be long format (forty minutes or more) and the primary creative personnel (director and/or producer) must reside in New England. Priority will be given to smaller-scale projects with budgets under $400,000.


Communities Connecting Heritage Grant

World Learning Communities Connecting Heritage - Cultural Heritage Organization Grant
Deadline 01-18-2018

The program engages at-risk communities, empowers youth, and builds partnerships between communities in the U.S. and in key strategic world regions through exchange projects that explore cultural heritage topics. These projects will advance cultural heritage appreciation and preservation through community outreach and public education. The projects will initially be virtual and then will culminate in reciprocal in-person exchanges as well as public exhibitions.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Glacier National Park Residency

Glacier National Park Artist-In-Residence MT
Deadline 01-31-2018

The Glacier National Park Artist-in-Residence program offers professional artists focused time to creatively explore the natural and cultural resources of this astounding landscape. It also allows artists the opportunity to share their work with an international audience through educational programs and exhibits. 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Artist Sculpute Residency VT

Artist Residencies at the Carving Studio & Sculpture Center
Deadline 01-26-2018

Artist Residencies at the Carving Studio & Sculpture Center offer sculptors opportunities for inspiration and to create new work in the former marble quarry and manufacturing area of Vermont. Residencies are from 1 to 3 months, featuring artists working in a diverse range of materials and techniques.

The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center offers Artists in Residence comprehensive facilities for creating works in stone, metal, wood, ceramics, glass and more. Residents become part of our vibrant artist community, sharing in the exchange of concepts, aesthetics and technical expertise. Stipends, housing and meals are available to selected Artists in Residence.

To apply for a  residency, please send your resumé/CV, statement/proposal and digital image (jpegs) or slide portfolio (up to 10 images) to info@carvingstudio.org or The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, P.O. Box 495, West Rutland, VT 05777.

Portland Museum of Art Job

Portland Museum of Art Seeks Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art (FT)
Deadline 01-28-2018

Under the direction of the Deputy Director and Robert and Elizabeth Nanovic Chief Curator, the Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art plays an integral role in the Portland Museum of Art (PMA’s) Art and Education Division, working closely with colleagues and artists to conduct research, plan installations, organize exhibition projects, develop interpretive materials, recommend acquisitions, and advance the PMA’s mission.

Conceives and develops exhibitions and gallery installations that will enhance the public’s understanding of modern and contemporary art and the museum’s collections. Provides effective theme development, object selection, evaluation of external proposals, preparation of written support materials such as labels and catalogues, and plan of installation.

Researches and interprets works in the PMA’s holdings of modern and contemporary art and makes recommendations for acquisitions to further develop the collection in this area. Serves as an integral resource to internal and external constituencies on matters of scholarship related to modern and contemporary art. Fosters relationships with artists and collectors locally and nationally, actively soliciting their help in enhancing the collection. Communicates and maintains positive relationships with dealers.

Works with Exhibitions and Collections Division staff on coordination of logistics for exhibitions and publications, including contracts, loan agreements, rights and reproductions, design and installation, editing, and other details.

Works collaboratively with internal and external curators, museum educators, and designers in the creation of program content, and with the visitor experience and communications staff to expand audiences and support for the collection and for PMA programs.

Works collaboratively with the External Affairs Division to cultivate collectors and steward the PMA’s strong donor base. Participates in various development-related activities to secure program funding, including events, grant-writing and management, and presentations. Work closely with affinity groups, advise on programs and participate in their activities.

Provides gallery talks, lectures, and other presentations for various audiences including the public, PMA membership, PMA affinity groups, and the scholarly community on topics relating to the PMA’s collections and programs. Participates in various Board committee meetings, particularly those of the Collection Committee.

Manifests the PMA’s commitment to and support for Maine-based working artists through a rigorous program of studio visits and submission reviews.

Serves as a leader in programmatic initiatives related to the PMA’s multifaceted inclusivity and diversity action plan, which is designed to promote inclusiveness, prevent discrimination, and create an organization that challenges and changes practices that present barriers. Supports the PMA’s strategic goal to advance the culture of diversity in the workplace, in public programs, and in the community.

Fosters relationships with members of the public (scholars, critics, community groups, national professional organizations, and other relevant audiences) in encouraging interest in the PMA and enhancing the general and scholarly understanding of the PMA, its collections and its mission.

 Fosters relationships and builds philanthropy with patrons of the PMA.

Performs special projects and other related duties as required, directed, or as the situation dictates.

Complies with all Portland Museum of Art safety rules and procedures.

Master’s Degree in Art History with emphasis in modern or contemporary art. A.B.D. or Ph.D. preferred. Minimum of two years of curatorial or related professional experience.

Please email cover letter, résumé, and completed PMA Application for Employment (available at website) http://www.portlandmuseum.org/about/employ.shtl , to Human Resources at acmca.pma.122017@portlandmuseum.org .  Job applications will be accepted electronically only and will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

NEA Art Works Grant

National Endowment for the Arts - Art Works Grant 
Deadline 02-15-2018 (to submit SF-424) 

Art Works Grants support artistically excellent projects that celebrate our creativity and cultural heritage, invite mutual respect for differing beliefs and values, and enrich humanity. Matching grants generally range from $10,000 to $100,000. A minimum cost share/match equal to the grant amount is required.


Sony World Photography Award

Sony World Photography Award
Deadline 01-11-2018

The competitions are open to photographers from all over the world. The Sony World Photography Awards are organised annually by World Photography Organisation and sponsored by Sony. The Sony World Photography Awards has four competitions: Professional competition, Open competition, Youth competition, Student Focus. No Entry Fee


Monday, January 8, 2018

Bates Dance Festival Conversations

Bates Dance Festival Listening Sessions
Dates - January/Multiple

Bates Dance Festival is holding three "audience listening sessions" (2 in Lewiston, 1 in Portland) to  engage the lager community in ways BDF can better serve its audiences.

Bates Dance Festival builds communities - of artists, dancers, teachers and audiences. BDF invites dance, performance, and culture lovers to a conversation to meet our new Director and talk about the festival - past, present, and future. All ideas welcome!

Join us for snacks and conversation. We'd love to see you there and hear your thoughts!

Saturday Jan 20, 2-3:30pm
at Forage Market
180 Lisbon St.

Monday Jan 22, 5:30-7pm
Bates College Schaeffer Theater
329 College St.

Tuesday Jan 23, 5:30-7pm
SPACE Gallery,
538 Congress St.

Please RSVP to dancefest@bates.edu


Maine Arts Commission Workshops

Maine Arts Commission Arts Discussions for the 2018 Grants Cycle 
Event Date - Multiple 

The Maine Arts Commission is coming to Maine communities this winter for conversations and information sharing. These community forums are free and open to the public.

January 10, 2018 
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Houlton Higher Education Center, 18 Military St, Houlton, ME

January 17, 2018
5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Bangor Arts Exchange, 193 Exchange Street, Bangor, ME.

January 25, 2018
5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Waterville Public Library, 73 Elm Street, Waterville, ME.

January 29, 2018 
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Kennebunk Brick Store Museum, 117 Main St, Kennebunk, ME

February 06, 2018
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Ellsworth, TBD

February 14, 2018
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Lewiston, Gendron Franco Center, 46 Cedar St, Lewiston, ME


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Webber Initiative University Scholarships

Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative - University Scholarships in the Performing Arts
Deadline 01-22-2018

A Scholarship for high school students in grade 12 who demonstrate talent and ability in the theatre arts, but have a lack of resources to attend a four year university program. The student’s area of focus can be from any aspect of theatre from performance, to design, to writing, to stage management, and others.

 American Theatre Wing is pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative University Scholarships. Through these scholarships, The Wing is investing in direct support for underserved public high school seniors to foster a future generation of theatre-makers that reflects the diversity and dynamism of America as a whole. Scholarships of up to $10,000, renewable for four years, will be given to high school students in grade 12 who demonstrate need, talent, and interest to attend a four-year university theatre program.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Moosehead Artisan Village Call

Moosehead Lake Artisan Village - Call to artists 
Deadline - 01-20-2018

The Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation (MLREDC) will launch its Artisan Village on the southern shore of Moosehead Lake in Greenville, after a successful initial pilot last summer. Four cottages will be available throughout the summer season as an affordable venue for artisans to display and sell their handmade arts and crafts. The location is a highly visible space among other shops, restaurants, and museums in the center of town. It offers a unique opportunity to market arts and crafts to local residents and to the thousands of tourists who visit the Moosehead Lake region during the summer from Maine, the Northeast, across the United States, Canada, and other countries. The Moosehead Lake Artisan Village is one of our community’s creative strategies to enhance economic prosperity and population growth in our region.

$25 application fee


American Carillon Music Scholarship

The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America Music Scholarship
Deadline 03-01-2018

The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America is dedicated to promoting the art of the carillon, including the development of proficient carillonneurs and the building of new carillons, the improvement of existing installations, and the composition and distribution of carillon music.

To advance this mission, GCNA invites applications for its Ronald Barnes Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship grant of up to $11,500 honors Ronald Barnes' passion for American carillon music by helping to provide an opportunity to pursue studies, within North America, in carillon performance, composition, music history, and/r instrument design.

Through the annual program, scholarships grants will be awarded in support of research and projects that promote the growth and vitality of North American carillon culture.

The scholarship is open to any person in North America, and successful applicants have up to two years to complete the project.

See the GCNA website for complete program guidelines, information about past scholarship recipients, and application instructions and deadlines.



Friday, January 5, 2018

Businesses Partnering with Arts Award

Americans for the Arts - Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts Seeks Nominations
Deadline 01-19-2018

Do you know of a company or business that deserves to be recognized for its engagement with the arts? Nominate now.

Every year, Americans for the Arts, through its Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) program, recognizes 10 businesses of all sizes for their exceptional involvement with the arts that enriches the workplace, education, and the community. These companies set the standard for excellence and serve as role models for others to follow. The honorees are celebrated each fall at the BCA 10: Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts in America gala in New York City.


MLTI Screensaver Challenge

Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) Screensaver Challenge for Maine students
Deadline 01-22-2018

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative has provided the opportunity for students to submit their artwork to be considered for the MLTI devices.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

CAA Annual Conference (CA)

College Art Association Annual Conference 
Event date February 21-24, 2018

Join us February 21-24 in Los Angeles for themed sessions such as "Activist Art Practices in Institutions," "LA/LX: Queer and Latinx in Los Angeles," "Disability Aesthetics and Choreopolitics," and "Keeping Up Appearances: Historicizing Trans and Gender Variance in and Across Art History."

The CAA Annual Conference promises to be one of the strongest ever. We received more than 800 session and paper proposals – one of the largest submissions in recent years. This year we will offer more than 300 sessions and over 200 meeting and events.

The Getty Museum, LACMA, MOCA, MOLAA, Norton Simon Museum, The Huntington Library, USC, UCLA, The Broad, 18th Street Arts Center, Otis College of Art and Design, and Santa Monica College will all open their doors to you. Each institution is looking forward to CAA 2018 and is making plans to ensure that your visit is meaningful not only as a way to see their institutions but also to understand the vast changes to the arts and culture scene occurring in LA.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Shakespeare in American Communities

Arts Midwest Invites Proposals for Shakespeare in American Communities Program 
Deadline 02-08-2018 

Shakespeare in American Communities is a national theater program of the National Endowment for the Arts, in partnership with Arts Midwest, that brings performances and related educational activities to audiences across the country. The program supports high-quality, professional productions of Shakespeare’s plays and related educational activities for middle- and high-school students in underserved schools across the United States.

A hundred and eight theater companies across the United States have taken part in Shakespeare in American Communities since the program’s inception in 2003. Selected companies have presented 33 of Shakespeare’s 37 plays. To date, the program has supported 11,000 performances and more than 40,000 related educational activities at more than 9,800 schools in 4,200 communities in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Annually, up to forty nonprofit theater companies are selected to receive $25,000 grant awards to provide performances of a Shakespeare play and related educational activities for middle- and high-school students. The funds enable theater companies to present additional performances and educational activities; engage more schools, including underserved schools; and expand their geographic reach.

Applicants must be a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization or unit of state or local government; be a U.S.-based theater company that compensates all professional performers and related or supporting professional personnel at no less than the prevailing minimum compensation; have produced Shakespeare or classically-based repertoire within the past five years; and have a minimum of three years' experience providing performances and educational activities to middle and/or high schools.


American Music Abroad Exchange

American Music Abroad Invites Applications for International Exchange Program
Deadline 01-21-2018

American Music Abroad, a partnership of American Voices and the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is an international exchange program designed to share America's rich musical contributions and diverse culture with audiences around the world.

Each year, approximately ten ensembles are selected to conduct a month-long regional cultural exchange tour in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, or the Middle East. As part of their program activities, selected ensembles will perform high-profile public concerts, engage in intensive collaborations with local musicians, lead jam sessions, appear in local media, and offer educational activities such as workshops, music business training for aspiring musicians, and motivational and education programs for underserved youth. Musicians will also feature their music and share their expertise through Skype chats and Internet radio broadcasts on AMA Radio.

Prior to its tour, each ensemble will participate in the American Music Abroad@Home program in Washington, D.C., which includes a concert or education program in a local school or community center and an orientation at the State Department. All events nationally and internationally may be recorded, posted on social media, and broadcast non-commercially.

AMA tours operate under the official auspices of the U.S. government. The State Department funds international travel, hotels, and an allowance for meals and incidental expenses. In addition, a tour honorarium of $200 per day is awarded to each individual musician in an ensemble. American Voices organizes the tours with the input of ECA/State Department and the participating U.S. embassies and consulates.

Participating musician must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, and either hold or be able to obtain a valid U.S. passport.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Woodstock Artist In Residence (NY)

Woodstock Artist In Residence (AIR)  
Deadline 01-16-2018

The Center for Photography at Woodstock Artist In Residence Program is designed to support US-based artists and curators/scholars/critics of color working in photography. WOODSTOCK AIR provides access to facilities, financial, critical, and technical support. The drive for this program is to free the residents from the busy routines and demands of everyday life – and to provide a sanctuary for creativity. Each year CPW offers seven residencies for artists of color and one residency for a curator/critic of color. Residencies are one month in duration, and occur from May through September.


Jane's Trust Grant

Jane's Trust Grant for Community Improvement
Deadline 01-25-2018

Jane's Trust makes grants to address important issues in the Trust's fields of interest and areas of geographical focus, and are interested primarily in organizations and projects which benefit underserved populations and disadvantaged communities.

The Trust supports collaborations among nonprofit organizations and welcomes joint applications, and encourages grant requests and collaborations that bridge two or more areas of interest. Application is a two step process involving first the submission of an initial inquiry and then, only upon request from the Trustees, the submission of a full proposal. The Trustees meet several times per year to consider requests, although payment of all grants is in December.


Monday, January 1, 2018

CMCA Biennial Call

Submissions for the CMCA Biennial are being accepted 
Deadline 04-02-2018

Submissions for the CMCA Biennial will be accepted online through the CMCA website from Jan. 1 through April 2, 2018. The CMCA Biennial is an open juried competition for artists at all stages of their career who have a strong connection to the state of Maine. Work in all media is accepted for review. CMCA Artist Members are eligible to submit additional images for consideration. To become an artist member, visit cmcanow.org

The CMCA Biennial Exhibition typically takes place in the fall of even numbered years. The concept of an open juried competition at CMCA dates back to 1978, when then director Ben Goldsmith presented the first Annual Juried Exhibition. It was the only continuing statewide juried exhibition until the Portland Museum of Art introduced its first Biennial in 1998.

For more information, call 701-5005.