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Friday, December 22, 2017

Barr Foundation High School Grant

Barr Foundation Seeks Proposals for Innovative High School Programs
Deadline 02-15-2018

The Boston-based Barr Foundation is seeking proposals for innovative public high school programs designed to help students who are off track graduate.

The multiyear initiative will focus on improving secondary outcomes for New England youth in danger of not graduating by supporting, incubating, growing, and promoting promising public high school and program models that address the specific needs of those students. The foundation seeks to support both existing and new models by providing significant funding, in-depth technical assistance with respect to planning and implementation, and fostering a shared learning community that can help develop, elevate, and improve high-quality secondary options for students in New England who are off track.

In this first funding cycle, the foundation anticipates supporting a cohort of up to eight grantees from across New England who seek to seed or grow pioneering whole-school models that can effectively boost graduation rates and college readiness for students who have not found the support they need through traditional education models.

Applicants are invited to submit proposals for up to $150,000 for a year of planning. Subsequently, Barr will invite a select group of planning awardees to apply for a two-year implementation grant of up to $750,000.

To be eligible, applicants must be entities interested in opening new schools or programs; making improvements to existing schools or programs; and/or growing schools or programs. Preference will be given to applicants focused on a school or program that leads to a high school diploma; is an option of choice for the participating students; and intentionally serves high school students off track to graduate.